There was a push to vaccinate the elderly in Italy the fall of 2019 with flu vaccines. I can’t help but wonder if they tested mRNA vaccines or possibly some experimental LAV within those lots, and if so, could that be related in any way to the evolution of SARSCOV2.

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Covid-19, a virus so severe and deadly it circulated worldwide undetected for 3 months.

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So reading this, Ethical Skeptic, and Jikky the Mouse, a timeline emerges.

-2018, a virus is made in a wuhan lab, where it gets into the world.

It gets ignored, and respiratory deaths are blamed on a “mystery virus” in local papers, and everything else under the sun.

-Hospitals quietly changed the protocol to stop administering Azithromycin for pneumonia, even though that was standard.

-Suddenly, out of nowhere, videos start coming out of China of relatively healthy looking people falling down and fish flopping all over the ground.

-Ventilators are pushed

-meds are withheld

-OTC and vitamin data is suppressed

Doctors are banned from social media, licenses revoked.

Death count rises.



If this were a group of shady Italians, Guliani would have them in court on RICO by now…

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And in November in the US..

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The covid origins, early spread, mutant strains stories are the most "kayfabe" thing I could ever imagine.

Another element that this brings up with the consistency of test results reached by the different testing methods, is that (I guess depending on the sizes of the groups tested) the controversy regarding viable vs unviable testing methods (pcr in particular) is not an issue after all?

Also, does this finding put John Cullen's hypothesis to bed?

I do think this lines up with some things JJ Cooley has been saying. For me, (me= total layman) what JJ says about the different strains, etc is the only element that remains in focus. Everything else is so layered with confusion!

But this is fascinating and scary

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The Huanan Seafood Market origin story is dead like the animals that they sell.

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